Human Design Courses

33.00 - 114.00
  • Human Design Courses

A course for each of the 5 Human Design aura types!

Plentiful Projectors: the road to succes
Magnetic MG's: owning your power
Genius Generators: unlock your mastery
Manifestor Magic: step into your power

Revered Reflectors: honoring your specialness

These courses will help your tap into the ENERGETICS of your STRATEGY so you can get aligned fast and easy. Looking at it from an energetic standpoint, they include characteristics of every type, guided meditations and are trauma-informed. This means deeper explanations of why you may not be experiencing the powers and abilities of your type yet, and what you can do to heal and align.

There is Q&A in every course, the price will go up every time a Q&A video is added so make sure to get in asap.

Once your register by ordering below, you will receive an email to get access usually within 48 hrs. Prices of the course will vary due to differences in content and also, after every Q&A video is uploaded the prices go up!

You can also order the guided meditations for Generator, MG & Projector separately. These meditations will help you EXPERIENCE your strategy so you can step into the richness of your type! Save them on your phone and do them anytime you need a quick realignment. There are around 2-4 audio files of varying length in every bundle that will be sent to you through a Wetransfer email, so make sure to check your spam.

No refunds so make sure you are aligned. Dutch people who don't have PayPal can pay with a direct bank transfer, just email me